dog training

 A dog training consultation is required before any bookings take place.  Each dog has individual basic needs, comfort levels, personality traits, learning abilities and reward centers.  I am dedicated to building a customized approach to resolve obedience or behavioral issues in order to serve the needs of your dog and turn you into a successful dog handler.  I highly recommend booking private lessons before you get your puppy if possible due to availability.


Hour-long private lessons are available for the dog owner needing training assistance in-home or in a public setting.

BOARD AND  TRAIN (temporarily unavailable)

Board and Train is for the dog owner needing specialized training for their dog in any of the following circumstances: socialization, manners, obedience, confidence building, separation anxiety, puppy training, house breaking, and/or therapy for severe anxiety and reactivity.  Your dog will stay with me consecutively day and night to ensure your dog returns to you happy, socialized and well-mannered.  Dogs will receive a designated hour-long training session indoors or outdoors alternating each day to help your dog generalize that training applies in any location he/she goes in addition to mini training sessions throughout the day and night as needed.  The duration of the board & train is dependent on what your dog's needs are.  Options are listed as follows:

Obedience package: includes socialization, manners, obedience, confidence building, or separation anxiety requires a 5-night minimum commitment

Puppy package: includes training and house breaking requires a 3-week minimum commitment

Therapy package: for severe anxiety or reactivity requires a 5-week minimum commitment